Castle Winter Hiatus FillerIn The Belly of the Beast + Richard Castle

He wasn’t in the ep much, but when he was he was fantastic.


Take it easy, Kate. You’ve got this.


Kate Beckett + Veritas 



I love this episode. Even before they got kidnapped they were acting totally married. In my opinion this was another huge step in the direction of their relationship. In the beginning he was basically asking her why she never lets him be the gentleman and open the doors for her. And here she lets him help her put on her jacket. And the whole thing about being “Hitched” she wasn’t at all against it. You can tell she loved being cuffed to him. This episode was a huge leap and not once did they feel uncomfortable being so close. 

I’m kinda looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you


Good Morning



Stana Katic

@RedCarpetLuke: “ from S6  pays obecience to in drag. ” (x)





I can’t imagine my life without you.

Not so OK now…


I think they are going to go under the assumption that he is dead. Whoever took him probably put another body in the car and it takes a few days for the labs to get back the dentals to confirm its not him. I can’t begin to imagine how she, Martha and Alexis will deal with the idea that they actually did lose him

Marlowe and company are such geniuses for creating this finale. There are SO many possibilities as to what will happen, and we’ve all been contemplating them since the finale ended in May. I look forward to this season’s premiere even more than last year’s. Last year, it was either “yes” or “no” and then move from there, but this year, I mean, dude, we have absolutely no inkling as to what could happen. Who took him? Why dis they do it? How will the rest of the characters will react?What exactly happened to Castle? Is he hurt? Is he drugged and in the back of a van? Tied up in a basement somewhere? I mean this is so great, and I can’t wait to see what they have put together for us this season.